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Contact Kirbys Garage when you need the very best automotive services. Dean Kirby set up his first service station in Green Hills, TN in 1955. With his automotive expertise and personalized customer service, he established himself in the community as a trusted car mechanic and friend.

In 1980, Dean moved his business to Hillsboro Road in Franklin, where it is still thriving today. Kirby’s Texaco was a great place for Dean’s son Mitch to learn about working on cars. By watching and helping the mechanics, Mitch’s expertise and love for cars was born.

By the time he turned 13, Dean had heard enough of Mitch’s pleading and finally allowed him to stop pumping gas and start turning wrenches. Mitch has worked at the station since then (with a little time off to get an education) and declares it “The Greatest Job in the World!” Dean retired in 1998, and Mitch has been running the business ever since.

As the times have changed, Kirbys Garage has changed along with them. Stop in and you will likely see one of the technicians using the latest technology to diagnose a "Check Engine" light or a simple task like changing wiper blades.

In fifty years, there is one thing that has not changed, Mitch’s belief, which was instilled by his father, "the customer comes first."
This is why the store in Franklin is open seven days a week, and you can usually find Mitch there, working on cars or chatting with customers.

Stop in and get to know us - we think that you will enjoy doing business with us. And if you are in the Murfreesboro area, stop by our new location at 130 River Rock Blvd., and get to know all of us at Kirbys Garage!

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