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At Kirby’s Garage, our auto mechanic is more than just a man who is good with a wrench.

Our mechanics are ASE Certified and receive their Automotive Service Excellence certifications by acquiring knowledge and experience and passing the job-related skills test; in addition, they continue their education by keeping up with the latest in technology and automotive changes in the industry.

Kirby’s has two modern facilities, in Murfreesboro and Franklin, TN, with the latest computer programs to diagnose your vehicles.

We run a clean and efficient shop; have several bays at each location, and a comfortable lobby for valued customers to relax in while waiting on a quick fix. If your vehicle repairs require an extended period of time, we will accommodate your needs with pick up and delivery, if necessary.

When the first car was created, it was good, and then a few days later it broke down. Then the first auto mechanic was created and they have evolved with technology along with automobiles.

As automobiles became more complex, consumers needed people who specialized in one thing, that vehicle with the internal combustion engine and the chassis and parts that go with it.
Without professional mechanics, many of us would be in serious trouble; can you tune up your engine, change a timing chain, rebuild a transmission, or just purchase a new vehicle because the one you have is not working and you know nothing about auto repairs.

Murfreesboro Auto Mechanic

Today, the computer and electronic driven elements have become increasingly difficult to repair and require expensive equipment and technical knowledge. At Kirby’s Garage, we are up to the challenge and take our job seriously. We are so confident in the ability of each auto mechanic we employ, we invite you to rank our mechanics and compare to any in the Middle TN area.

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